ADPlug Service Launched!

On June 24, 2022, the ADPlug team announced the official launch of the ADPlug service.Anyone in the world can register their profile as a model or creator on the ADPlug site, and they can make money by using their talents through contact with small business advertisers.Even if the advertiser pays the amount agreed with the […]

ADPlug Beta Released!!

Congratulations!! The long-awaited ADPlug beta has finally been revealed at 28th December 2021. There are still many features that need to be supplemented or added, but you can sign up for membership and use the basic menu. In the future, we plan to add the ability to register personal profiles and portfolios, negotiate with […]

Production and distribution of pet contents in partnership with MyPetPro and ADPLUG

August 19th 2021, by The Games Daily On August 12th , CEO Brian Son, which is building the pet platform “MyPetPro,” announced that they have signed a business agreement with ADPlug (CEO Pae Sung W), which operates a P2P customized advertising platform, to cooperate on the overall production and operation of pet-related industries. Under this […]